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In the Current digital era, Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the mandatory process for every business that maintains their business presence online because reputation builds brand, creates trust and reduce the risk factors. Solution Wagon is one of the leading ORM Company in India that provides online reputation management services that builds and manages your brand reputation on social networking sites, blogs, forums and SERPs.

Online Reputation Protection

We help you erase all the negativity around an individual name, product as well as brand and give you a clean slate to work upon inline. We protect your brand from negative publicity and help you understand the needs of a discerning consumer. Your online reputation protection is an essential part of your brand. When you protect your online reputation, you safeguard your brand, and a successful career or business can only be cemented on a rock solid brand foundation.

Reviews & Ratings

Negative reviews and ratings always spoil your brand growth and also destroy the trustworthiness among people, so we take care of your brand by monitoring, managing and neutralizing every reputational risk. We build trust by maintaining your brand’s ratings and reviews and keep away from negative perspectives. Considering the local business, 98% of the people see the online reviews and ratings before connecting to any firm for desired products or services.

Strategy Management

Our ORM experts will develop an exact strategy for your online brand reputation that rectify your brand blurred image and demolish negative reviews of your products or services. The biggest challenge of every business is to face the controversies and rebuild the brand images; hence we follow unique strategies to bring the challenge into success. We run geo-targeted business listing, customer survey, ratings & reviews, forums, blogs to keep your reputation score high.

Improve Google Ranking

Our ORM services provides online reputation management with strategic methods to make your website content rank higher visibility on Google and pushing away the possibilities of any short of negative results as your potential customer search for you. Our ORM program focuses on top listed keywords related to your business products, services and brands so that you can earn absolute visibility of your business on Google ranking.

Brand Search Management

Our online reputation management company will help you regulate your brand’s social image and ensure that your brand name stands devoid of any sort of negative imprints on the online platform by constant updating on social review sites, creation of fresh blogs and PR for publicizing the positive impact. We make sure that your business is accessible via all major platforms on the internet to cultivate a positive brand reputation.

Mr. Atul Raj

If you are looking for higher growth with minimum input then you should definitely consider Solution Wagon. As online reputation management is not a simple task so according to me you should look for a long term perspective. You have to trust them and provide them at least 6 months for the outcome to be fruitful. They have excellent customer support and helpful staff.

Mr. Atul Raj

Mr. Amarjeet Singh

Solution Wagon is one of the best online reputation management agencies in India. I am an entrepreneur and I wanted to reach more customers with their positive reviews. This firm helped me a lot by implementing the best online strategies. Their consultancy has helped me a lot. I have easily achieved my business goals in a short period of time. I will highly recommend this company to startups.

Mr. Amarjeet Singh

Mr. Prabhjot Singh

I was looking for an online reputation management company and one of my friends has suggested me  Solution Wagon. This company is seriously very good and it has increased my company’s revenue and it has made my brand popular. The services of this company are very economic. Their team is so experienced that you will surely get positive results within the specified time.

Mr. Prabhjot Singh

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